Marisa Enhuber


This is my amazing website - selfcoded, inspirational, mind-blowing. Ready for take off? Let's go!

What this is

Hi there, I'm Marisa. I live in London and this is my first, self-coded website. Looks pretty simple, I admit. That's why it's still a "beta-version". But I am very proud of this project of mine. Starting from zero you will realise that it is pretty tough to build a website like this from scratch. If you are interested, watch me developing my coding skills over time upon the change of this website. Have fun!

What I do

I started my career in London, working in an art gallery where we built a web shop to sell our art online. The online sales channel is still relatively unexplored in the arts - even 5 years ago, nobody would have thought of this as a possibility. That's why it's exciting how it will influence the global art market in the future. Now I'm working as product manager - check out my Linkedin profile to see more about me.

What I like

I'm a huge tea fan - then I'm in the right place in London, you might say. That's absolutely true, I love all those little, cozy tea and coffee places. The best is a chocolate cake on top. Besides, I love middle-eastern food. So Yummi! Also great in London to get.
On weekends I like to spend my days either programming or exploring the gardens of an old British castle. In the rare sunshine. With some tea. And a big piece of chocolate cake!